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A Bold Vision for Ghana

"My vision for Ghana is that of a country that is prosperous, dignified and safe. A country that offers sustainable jobs with meaningful pay and is positioned as a major player in the global digital revolution. I firmly believe that Ghana can become a leader in digital innovation and achieve the economic growth and development that our people deserve. To do this, we need to continue investing in human capital development, build systems, embrace the 4th Industrial Revolution, and diversify our economy."

- Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia

Addressing The Issue of Unique Identity

A major problem that we had as a country was the absence of a unique identity for citizens and residents. With oversight from my office, the National Identification Authority moved quickly with the issuance of biometric national ID cards (The Ghanacard) to the population.

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A Property Address System for Ghana

To solve the problem of a lack of a working address system in Ghana, with oversight from my office, we have leveraged on GPS technology to implement a digital address system for Ghana capturing every square inch of land. Today, every property in Ghana has a unique digital address along with street names and house numbers. Finding directions to any location is now very easy.

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Promoting Financial Inclusion

We face a major problem of very few people having access to and financial services. To solve this problem, I championed the implementation of Mobile money interoperability (MMI). MMI has made it possible to transfer money seamlessly across different mobile money providers and between bank accounts and mobile wallets. Read More

Addressing Efficient Delivery and Corruption in The Public Service

Our approach to improving the delivery of public services is to minimize human contact as much as possible. Therefore, we embarked on an aggressive digitalization of the processes of service delivery across many public institutions with coordination from my office:

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Births and Deaths Digitalization

With oversight from my office, we have digitized the births and deaths registry and we have just completed the integration of the births and deaths registry database with the databases of the Ghana Health Service and the National Identification Authority, so that the record of births and deaths would be consistent across all these databases. Read More

Scholarship Secretariat Applications

In the past, candidates applying for scholarship usually had to travel from all parts of Ghana to Accra to take part in the application process. This caused a great deal of inconvenience for applicants seeking government sponsorships. The manual processes of the Scholarship Secretariat resulted in an inefficient administration of scholarships in the country.

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